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Life Sciences

In order to remain compliant throughout development, companies involved in pharmaceuticals, biotech, or medical devices have special needs regarding their communications with key opinion leaders and others inside and outside the organization. The foundation of 3vue’s presence in the life science market sector is our MIAONE Platform, a powerful tool addressing all your medical affairs analytics needs. From standard intake and trending to text mining and predictive modeling, MIA Insights does it all.

Using Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics techniques honed through years of experience in the life sciences, 3vue brings together data from multiple sources, including many systems that don’t normally relate to each other, to:

  • Establish valuable correlations that may be otherwise impossible to see
  • Improve collaboration between team members
  • Give companies a holistic view of their organization, facilitating in-depth data analysis and discovery

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Health Care

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics are essential for helping health care institutions and providers gain visibility into opportunities for improvement. Our tools strategically collect and present your clinical, financial, and operational data, providing you with insights into performance and profits that are definable, measurable, and actionable.

Staffing, utilization of facilities and equipment, and the efficacy of specific therapies are all aspects that can be measured and addressed through 3vue’s application of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. Because of our extensive experience with hospitals, professional groups, and clinical providers, we can help you access insights that will enable you to provide better, more efficient care.

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Supply Chain

In almost any industry, the data surrounding the supply chain is a sea of disparate, unconnected numbers, from raw materials to production units to staffing and logistics. 3vue helps supply chain managers make sense of all this data with custom applications, tailored to their specific needs. By improving your supply and demand forecasts and helping you select the best sources and suppliers, we make sure you get the full picture of your warehousing, distribution, transportation, storage, and logistics operations.

Minimize or eliminate waste and downtime, speed up timelines, and streamline your operations. With 3vue’s expert guidance, you can access and utilize information sources from all over the world to optimize your supply chain performance. Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics can allow you to identify the root cause of problems and let you conduct what-if analyses to evaluate the trade-offs of different strategies.

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Through long tradition, financial institutions collect financial and non-financial information from a variety of sources and develop summary and management reports from which to make decisions on accounts or transactions. Using only spreadsheets and other low-level tools, however, managers are in danger of creating information silos that don’t allow a consistent or comprehensive view of the enterprise as a whole or of the specific performance of loans or other transactions.

3vue expands and automates these operations so that managers can spend less time collecting data and more time applying strategic analysis to help institutions maximize profits, avert problems, and make decisions.

With a solid Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics platform in place, managers can forecast the future instead of reporting on the past. Armed with these analytical insights, they are in a better position to identify problem areas as well as top performers, and evaluate options in an evolving marketplace.

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