3vue’s Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics successes come in many different forms

Automated report generation saves Baxter staff 55 hours per quarter

Baxter, a leader in renal and medical products and services for home and hospital, sought to improve its medical information operations by automating report generation and quality monitoring, and instituting voice of the customer data collection for 10 therapeutic areas.

3vue partnered with Baxter to create a Business Intelligence and Analytics system that would address the company’s specific issues, and 3vue also provided IT and development services to install and implement it.

The new system exceeded Baxter’s expectations, saving more than 55 employee hours in the generation of monthly and quarterly reports.

Simple automation project results in long-term relationship with Abbvie

What began as a simple project to automate compliance activities in 2014 has turned into a long-term arrangement with the global pharmaceutical manufacturer Abbvie.

Abbvie was dedicating two full-time staff once a month to pull the data requested to assess compliance. 3vue designed, installed and validated a medical information analytics (MIA) system to automatically pull and present the information on easy-to-understand dashboards, thereby improving understanding and eliminating unnecessary manual labor.

Over the next few years, 3vue completed additional services for Abbvie, including:

  • Merging data between current and former systems
  • Automating hundreds of reporting visualizations
  • Creating a legacy system viewer that eliminated a costly license infrastructure
  • Upgrading the initial MIA installation to MIA Insights
  • Deploying 75+ user-created dashboards to expand the reach of the department within the organization